Carbonated Nutella Ravioli

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Upcoming Event

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February 16th at 9pm – Intro to Molecular Gastronomy @ Wicked Faire

Eric will be presenting an introduction to molecular gastronomy for any Wicked Faire attendees that would like to learn more about this exciting culinary revolution.

Event Description:
Molecular Gastronomy combines food and science, allowing us to create exotic dishes using non conventional methods. In this demonstration, Eric will take you to new culinary heights by exploring modern techniques that you can use at home. He will show you how to spherify liquids, cook foods in a water bath (sous vide), create culinary foams, and even create powdered bacon! He’ll explain some of the science that goes into every day cooking, and how you can use it to your advantage. If you’re excited about food, science, or both, this is a must not miss presentation!

Welcome To Molecular Gastronomy Guide

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